Important Coffee Tips You Should Know !

Important Coffee Tips You Should Know to Make the Perfect Drink

Perfect  Coffee is known throughout the world, and a lot of people have been served by it. Either as part of the morning to begin with, or a partner in every hobby and activity. With its engaging wonderful aroma, eye-catching latte arts, and snow-white cups filled with that black and brown bittersweet concoction. Coffees of all kinds made their way to our morning routine, as well as to our everyday activities.

A perfect cup of coffee is tantamount to a great morning as well as to a great start of a day. For this, it’s quite obvious to say that coffee shops would click in most every place, and coffee makers sell almost in every marketplace. There are even those who travel to places and destinations in search of it. All these things round up to a single goal to achieve – making a perfect morning coffee.


Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast who would like to venture out on perfecting your morning cup. Or simply just a coffee lover who likes to savour a perfect cup, below are some tips you can use to quicken your chances of achieving that goal.


The first thing to consider when it comes to a perfect brewing is the quality of the bean. That will be used no matter what the brand or maker of the coffee bean. As long as it is freshly roast and whole will make a lot of difference in the quality of your coffee. If you’re thinking of opting for ground coffee, trust me when I say it won’t serve you well. Achieving a perfect morning coffee requires whole and fresh coffee beans.


The toast factor of the coffee bean can be a great factor in quality and flavour. The key to finding the right toast depends on your preference. While there is no specific rule when it comes to the consumption of roasted coffee, you should always be wary of its date of roasting. The lengthy storage of a roasted coffee bean will eventually affect its flavour.


As much as we’d like to always use newly roasted beans, it will be a hassle if we’d come running to stores or shops to get beans for our daily cup. The best solution to this problem is the proper storing and preservation of beans. Even though it’s highly recommended to use a vacuum-sealed container, a simple mason jar can do the job. At the same time, it will save you the effort of sealing your beans.


Studies show that the flavour of a coffee bean lessens 30 minutes after it has been ground, so make it sure to only grind enough beans for your consumption. Further, the size and consistency are also considered as factors. A grind which is too coarse will result in a weak coffee while an overly fine one will make the coffee over-extracted and bitter. Using freshly ground coffee with the right consistency will help in achieving your perfect morning coffee.


Measurement plays a big role when it comes to making a perfect cup. Identifying the correct ratio and using precise measurement is the key to a well-prepared coffee. The right way to measure is to use weight instead of volume, especially in the coffee. The ideal ratio is 1:20. That’s about 7.5 grams of coffee to 150mL water. This ratio will make a reasonably strong cup, but it will depend entirely on you if you’d like it more powerful or lighter. Some people even opt to have their coffee as high as 1:15 or as low as 1:30. In the end, it will be entirely up to you to choose how strong your coffee will be.


Being wary of the temperature of the water is important in making a perfect coffee. An ideal temperature would be 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. High-end coffee makers usually have a temperature adjustment function. However, if you are using older and cheaper ones, it will be ideal to measure the temperature. Keep in mind that the temperature should not exceed 205 degrees as such may result in your coffee becoming burnt.


Quite overlooked, the quality of the water is also a factor in brewing your coffee. Water, the type, which is full of minerals, won’t bond well with the ground beans, resulting in an under-extracted and weak coffee. Moreover, this type of water won’t do anything good for your coffee maker. It can cause build-ups in your machine in the form of lime deposits, requiring you to descale more often.

While coffee making seems to require a lot of effort, it is, at the same time, an exciting activity to do. Being able to experience choosing your coffee beans, grinding, and brewing it, you’ll be able to Savor the rich flavour, which in itself is a wonderful experience.


You may always opt to visit a coffee shop nearby, and even order a coffee customized according to your preference. But it will surely be different when you start making your own. If you truly love coffee, you will have it in you to strive to achieve the perfect cup that you will enjoy at home. If you take your coffee seriously, then you would understand that it’s important to know how to make good coffee, to have it anytime you want it, or need it.

Achieving a perfect cup will always be a relative thing. While for some, it is already perfect, for others, it may be lacking or too much. A cup of coffee will always be perfect if you make it according to your preference. The key is to never stop experimenting until your taste buds met the coffee taste they were looking for. Nevertheless, the above tips should serve as the starting point as to how you can start making the perfect morning coffee.

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