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Brazil Santos Origin Coffee

BRAZIL Peaberry Origin Coffee


Flavour notes: Chocolate, sugar cane, nuts, creamy



How We Recommend: Drip Coffee + Light Roast

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Introducing Brazil Peaberry Origin Coffee, a remarkable and unique coffee experience that originates from the vibrant coffee landscapes of Brazil. What makes this coffee special is the Peaberry bean – a small, round coffee bean that’s packed with flavor.

Brazil Peaberry Origin Coffee is a true delight for coffee enthusiasts looking for something distinctive. These Peaberry beans are carefully selected, handpicked, and roasted to perfection, ensuring a cup that’s bursting with character.

When you brew Brazil Peaberry Origin Coffee, you’ll be greeted by a captivating aroma that fills the air. With a medium body and a well-rounded taste, each sip offers a harmonious blend of nutty and chocolatey notes, coupled with a hint of sweetness.

Whether you prefer it as a comforting morning brew or a velvety espresso shot, Brazil Peaberry Origin Coffee caters to all coffee preferences, offering a taste that’s both special and memorable.

Embrace the uniqueness of Brazil’s coffee tradition with every sip of Brazil Peaberry Origin Coffee. Experience the rich and complex flavors that come from the Peaberry bean, and let this exceptional blend transport you to the sun-kissed coffee farms of Brazil, where every cup is a celebration of the country’s rich coffee heritage.

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