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Ethiopia Djimma Origin Coffee


Origin: Ethiopia Process: Natural Altitude: 1300-1800m Harvest: Oct – Jan Flavour notes: Fruity, Wine, Mango SCA score: 78 Varietal: Heirloom



How We Recommend: Drip Coffee + Medium Roast

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Embark on a sensory journey with Ethiopia Djimma Origin Coffee, a captivating blend that unveils the true essence of Ethiopian coffee culture. Harvested from the renowned Djimma region, these coffee beans are a celebration of Ethiopia’s rich coffee heritage.

Ethiopia Djimma Origin Coffee is a true delight for the coffee enthusiast seeking a unique and authentic experience. Grown in the birthplace of coffee itself, each bean is nurtured with care and expertise, resulting in a coffee that carries the soul of the land from which it hails.

As you prepare a cup of Ethiopia Djimma Origin Coffee, the enchanting aroma fills the air, hinting at the delightful notes that await your taste buds. With a distinctive medium body and a bright acidity, this coffee delivers a harmonious fusion of floral, fruity, and herbal flavors, truly capturing the essence of the Ethiopian coffee experience.

Whether enjoyed as a traditional coffee brew or crafted into an invigorating espresso shot, Ethiopia Djimma Origin Coffee caters to a wide range of preferences, appealing to the coffee lover’s palate in all its forms.

Embrace the rich history and legacy of Ethiopia’s coffee tradition with every sip of Ethiopia Djimma Origin Coffee, and savor the captivating allure of a coffee that tells the tale of its roots in every exquisite drop. Let this exceptional blend transport you to the highlands of Ethiopia, where centuries of coffee cultivation culminate in a magical coffee experience that is second to none.

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