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India Monsoon Coffee

India Monsoon Coffee


Origin: India Process: Monsoon Altitude: 950m Harvest: Dec-Jan Flavour notes: Bitter, Chocolate, Tobacco



We Recommend: Dark Roast + Espresso

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Welcome to the world of India Monsoon Origin Coffee, a truly unique and exotic coffee experience that will transport you to the mystical landscapes of India. Grown in the Malabar region, this coffee undergoes a special monsooning process that sets it apart from any other coffee in the world.

India Monsoon Origin Coffee is a true testament to the ingenuity and tradition of Indian coffee cultivation. During the monsoon season, the freshly harvested coffee beans are exposed to the moisture-laden winds, allowing them to absorb the humidity and swell in size. This process imparts a distinctive flavor profile to the beans, resulting in a cup that is both complex and enchanting.

Upon brewing, the delightful aroma of India Monsoon Origin Coffee fills the air, captivating your senses and inviting you to explore its taste. With a medium body and a mellow acidity, this coffee unfolds on the palate with earthy, spicy, and subtly fruity notes, leaving a lasting impression that lingers.

Whether you prefer it as a comforting drip brew or a velvety espresso shot, India Monsoon Origin Coffee offers a captivating taste journey that is as adventurous as the country from which it originates.

Embrace the enchantment of India’s coffee heritage with every sip of India Monsoon Origin Coffee, and savor the distinctive flavors that are a result of time-honored techniques passed down through generations of coffee farmers. Let this exceptional blend transport you to the lush green landscapes of India, where the magic of the monsoons infuses every coffee bean with a unique and mesmerizing character.

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